Quality Targeting Data

Colfax Communications' data is the most accurate in the market. Our voter file is updated regularly and contains over 185 million voter records that are scrubbed against the national change of address (NCOA) database and deceased voter lists.

Our data includes:

  • State and county level registered voter files

  • Eight national telephone source files

  • Thousands of consumer fields

  • Current U.S. Census Data

  • Election return data with results from every county in the U.S.

  • lifestyle and issue data

Email Lists

Email databases originate from opt-in sources and all addresses are tested for deliverability, making our product compliant and effective with nationwide coverage. With our email data you can:

  • Attach email addresses to your list of names and addresses.

  • Attach voter and consumer data to an existing list of email addresses.

  • Clean your existing email database to improve deliverability.

Emails sold by Colfax Communications are generated from matches we perform to multiple national email databases. Through a complex process, we are able to match those emails back to the voter file or a private file. The typical email match rate to selections made from our voter file is between 20% and 35%. 

Mailing Lists

Micro-targeting with our accurate and constantly updated data will improve direct mail program efficiency and accuracy. 

Phone Lists

Our phone data is updated regularly and contains accuracy ratings, mobile phone flags, and may be easily formatted for volunteer phone banks, robo call systems, and auto-dialers. 

Available Targeting Variables:

Registered Voters

Non-registered Individuals

Voting History

Election Results


Lifestyle and Issues 

Hobbies and Interests 

Home and Land Values 

Homelife and Children 


Consumer Interests 



Media Targeting

Census Data

Education Levels 

And hundreds of more variables...

Random Samples

Stratified cluster samples, voter data normalization and proper sample point distribution are available to provide clients with comprehensive political data sampling for surveys and polling.

Data Modeling

Contact us to learn more about data modeling and how this powerful tool can bolster your marketing and campaign efforts.

Contact us to learn more about Colfax Communications and how our data and marketing tools can help your organization, campaign or company.

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