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Thanks to traffic bots, poor targeting tools on social media platforms, and fraud there's a very good chance your marketing and campaign dollars are going to waste. According to the Association of National Advertisers, only one-quarter of all digital ad spend ever reaches actual people


Targeting is of utmost importance in marketing and advertising. Yet every year advertisers lose billions of dollars as a result of poorly designed targeting strategies. According to a study conducted by Viant, Inc., "there are three factors hindering success in digital ad campaigns. Audience reach is only 30 percent; targeting inaccuracies stand at 27 percent; and anonymous ad targeting amounts to 26 percent."

With our data targeting tools and array of advertising technologies, your marketing funds will be used to communicate with people, not bots. We believe in transparency, and provide our clients with easy to understand and timely performance reports. 

IP Targeting

A commonly used tool of campaign consultants is direct mail. But according to research conducted by political scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, the impact of direct mail is "zero".


Colfax Communications can target voters and potential customers by IP address and place digital ads on computers and devices within the targeted household. Unlike direct mail programs, our IP targeting technology provides our clients with feedback on who is viewing and interacting with their custom digital ads.

Reverse Append

Our unique IP address identification system will capture the physical home or office address associated with the IP address of anonymous visitors of a website. Once the anonymous visitor's address is captured, they will receive a customized direct mail piece, catalog, or marketing collateral within 48 hours of interaction with a reverse append ready website. 

Advanced Targeting Tools

Our targeting tools go beyond anything you'll find on social media platforms. Our unique combination of regularly updated voter and consumer data gives our clients the opportunity to "drill down" into the data before they even purchase a file. 

These are the targeting tools typically used by major corporations and political parties. For years, the ability to target individuals based on thousands of variables has seemed out of reach and too expensive for small businesses, nonprofit organization and grass roots campaigns to utilize. Colfax Communications will help your organization realize the power and affordability of "big data".

Venue Targeting

We have the ability to capture Device ID's at events, places of work and study, and where potential customers shop, all with the intent to advertise to these high value audiences.

Colfax Communications can identify any device (smartphones, tablets, laptops) by its Device ID in a targeted venue, and continue to target identified devices with digital banner ads after the device has left the venue - this is accomplished without the use of cookies. Our Venue Targeting system will attribute a likely home or business address with the captured devices. Then, our IP Targeting technology will be able to target the associated home networks with digital banner ads.

We can even go back in time for up to six months and capture devices that were present at nearly any targeted venue. 

Colfax Multicast

Our Multicast publishing software allows our clients to develop and manage beautiful websites, interactive mobile apps, and publish multiple digital newsletters all from a single control panel.  Initially designed for web-based news services, Colfax Multicast is an affordable and easy way to bolster an organization's web presence without the need for programming or web development expertise. 

Social WIFI

Provide customers and the public with secure and fast public WIFI connectivity with our social WIFI products. Users will login to your WIFI system with a personal email or social media account login. Upon the customer or visitor's login, your business will capture data that can be used to send digital marketing content and communications to the email addresses and/or social media accounts of targeted individuals and groups.  

Contact us to learn more about Colfax Communications and how our data and marketing tools can help your organization, campaign or company.

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